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SPSPotlight: May 2020


4 Tips for Critically Evaluating Data in the Media
News outlets often include data in their reports, but how can we safeguard ourselves and others from misleading articles?

Hands coming together

Advice on Collaborating in Graduate School
It's not always obvious how to initate and navigate collaborations. Dr. Brian Don offers advice for students looking to collaborate with their peers.

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Student Committee Offers Abstract Review Service
Submissions open soon. Consider using this service to review your abstract.

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The Student Committee is on Twitter!
Keep up with important dates and deadlines and get tips and suggestions for school and life in general.

Ximena Arriaga

New Videos from the SPSP Experts Series
We've added five new videos to this series, with segments featuring Dr. Ximena Arriaga, Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, Dr. Sam Gosling, Dr. Nour Kteily, and Charlie Ebersole.


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