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SPSPotlight: June 2019

SPSP Students Working with Big Data

As we get closer to our first Summer Psychology Forum ( in St. Louis, three graduate student members share their own ups and downs of working with big data.

Coming soon: "Interpersonal Dynamics in Grad School"

Beginning next month, SPSPotlight will incorporate thoughts, concerns, and suggestions from administration, faculty, and/or students regarding common graduate school issues. "Working with Advisors" will be our first topic.

Tell us about your Graduate Training Experience

There's always room for improvement in our graduate training. In this month's pulse survey, we ask students about the areas of research where they would like to obtain better training. What's lacking in your prorgam? What skills or knowledge would you like to acquire or sharpen? Please take a moment to complete this brief two-question survey to let us know your thoughts! If we receive enough responses, we'll provide a summary of your responses in an upcoming issue.

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