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SPSPotlight: July 2016

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Featured News


Featured News

Generating New Research Ideas: 3 Ways to Get Inspired and Follow Through

The summer can be a great time to get new, exciting projects off of the ground. To be sure, we all have that list of dormant ideas we’re waiting to bring to life. But while generating new research ideas is one of the most rewarding elements of graduate school.


Prepping Courses: Do This, Not That

Congratulations! You’re gearing up to teach your first course or you’re teaching a course you’ve never taught before. This will be a great way to develop a wide range of skills and add valuable experience to your CV. Read tips from SC member-at-large Lindsey Roberts on preparing to teach a new course.

Applying to Grad School in the Fall? 3 Tips to Save Time and Avoid Stress

“Start sooner rather than later” is an excellent piece of advice for undergraduates who are planning to apply to graduate school this Fall. It’s a common mistake to underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to apply. Read tips on how to prepare for applying to graduate school.


So You Want To Learn To Code This Summer? 4 Great Resources for the Curious Grad Student

Half of the highest paying jobs in America now require you to have some level of computer programming skills—including many careers that are of interest to Psychology grads. The good news is that there are many resources available online to help you learn to code.


Books to Boost Summer Productivity

Terrified that you’ll never get a job? These books finally gets real with graduate students about what it takes to be competitive for employment in academia (and industry). Read SC President Leigh Smith's take on these books and be sure to add them to your summer reading!


Member Spotlight: Fantastic Blogs by SPSP Members

In addition to contributing to SPSP's own News Center Blog, our members are constantly posting their research and innovative ides online. Be sure to add these blogs written by SPSP members to your bookmarks!


Resources: Navigating the SPSP Connect Website

Below are 4 short videos that help you navigate the incredibly useful (but sometimes mysterious) SPSP CONNECT website. We want to encourage more of our members to get involved. Check out these helpful tutorials put together by SC President Leigh Smith.




SC Facebook Page

Want to get information about SPSP related events and research easily in your Facebook feed? Then visit and like the SPSP Student Committee Facebook page. We’ll make sure we keep you up to date with convention deadlines, new resources and scientific hot-topics throughout the week.


SPSP Submission Portal will open July 5 - July 19

SPSP LogoGet ready to submit your abstracts to the SPSP submission portal beginning on July 5th. Be sure to check out the new submission guidelines on the SPSP website – there are new rules concerning group and single-presenter submission you’ll want to know!


Free SPSP Abstract-Check Services for Non-Native English Speakers

Would you like to have a native English speaker read over your SPSP poster abstract? SPSP volunteers are here to help! Submit your abstract for review no later than July 7, 2016 and we will provide feedback (e.g., grammar, spelling, flow) to ensure you successfully submit your SPSP abstract before the final submission deadline (July 19th). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: Submit your abstract to our SPSP portal.

IARR Conference July 20 - 24

Want to learn more about the scientific study of interpersonal relationships? The International Association of Relationship Research will have its 2016 bicentennial conference in Toronto, Ontario this July. Learn more or register for the festivities.


APA Conference August 4 - 7

The American Psychological Association will have its annual convention in Denver Colorado this August featuring some of the most prominent researcher, practitioners and consultants in the field. Learn more or register.