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SPSPotlight: January 2016

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Featured News

SPSP 2016 Convention Updates

Other Annoucements

Grad Hack

Undergraduate News to Use


Featured News

Sight and Bites in San Diego

Sights and Bites in San DiegoWhile the program schedule for the 2016 annual convention in San Diego is jam packed, there are many things to see and do in the beautiful city of San Diego. GSC Vice President Sara Andrews and President Nick Brown offer up these tried and true recommendations to take advantage of during your downtime. Click here to find out more.

Your Survival Guide to Student-Related Convention Activities

Calling all students attending the SPSP 2016 Convention in San Diego, January 28-30! We’ve compiled some information on all of the student-focused events happening at the SPSP convention this year. Click here to check out all of the exciting events.




SPSP 2016 Convention Updates


Check out this issue’s special feature devoted solely to student events at the SPSP 2016 Convention for all related announcements and updates. Click here for more!

SPSP 2016 Roommate Finder Portal

Looking for a roommate? SPSP has set up an online survey to collect information from anyone wishing to share a room at the annual convention. Click here to put your name on the list. Click here to view the list of those looking for roommates.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that SPSP will not be matching you up or assigning roommates. This space is designated as a meeting ground for you to get in contact with potential roommates; however, it is your responsibility to set up arrangements. SPSP is not responsible for any liability or financial obligation that may arise from voluntary matching made via this space.


Other Announcements

Student Resources on

Need writing tips? Teaching activities? Stats tutorials? Advice on getting a job? All of these resources are available to you in one place on the Student Resources Page! Check out the great resources SPSP and the GSC have compiled for you!

Joining APA Division 8: Social and Personality

SPSP student members are now eligible to join APA’s Division 8: Social and Personality. As an APA Division 8 member, individuals qualify for the APA Convention member registration rate, while being a member of SPSP by itself, does not. APA Division 8 members also qualify for reduced rates for APA journals (e.g., JPSP).  

To become a Division 8 of APA member, individuals must apply via the APA website, meet APA's membership criteria, and indicate interest in becoming a member of APA Division 8, which requires an additional $2 paid directly to APA beyond regular APA dues.

Other Conventions

International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) - January 15 submission deadline

Association for Psychological Science (APS) - January 31 poster submission deadline

Society for the Study of Motivation (SSM) - January 31 poster submission deadline


Grad Hack: The Perfect Presentation


Ever wonder why graduate school doesn’t come with an instruction manual? Now you’ve got it: Grad Hack, giving you quick and dirty tips for your graduate career and beyond.

This month, GSC Member-at-Large Benjamin Johnson provides some tips and tricks for improving your conference presentations. Check them out here.


Undergraduate News to Use: Convention Tips


Undergraduates seeking sage advice: look no further! Undergrad News to Use is here to give you tried and true help with all of the big events in your undergraduate career.

This month, GSC Member-at-Large for Undergraduate Affairs, Katy Krieger, provides some advice on navigating the upcoming SPSP 2016 convention. Click here to learn more.


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